Whilst researching the LORD & REEVES family tree a large number of important family documents surfaced a few years ago, which included three family photo albums.

One of these albums belonged to Emma Edith LORD, (nee REEVES) which included 30 or more good quality photographs, taken in the late 1800's and perhaps early 1900's. Several of the photographs were taken in Hastings, Rye, and Hammersmith. Some came from Warsaw, and others from Durban, South Africa.

As is often the way with photographs, we know the photographer, even the negative number, but not who the subject of the photograph was. Some of the photos have brief inscriptions on the back, but otherwise there appears to be no other clues.

My paternal great grandparents were Edward Lord (1862 to 1959) and Emma Edith Reeves (1855 to 1922) who settled in Ruckinge, Kent.

Emma Edith Reeves came from a comfortable home in Hastings, her father James Reeves being an ironmonger there. Edith was one of 11 children of which 4 died in infancy.

The quest is to try and identify some of these photos, and if anyone is researching the REEVES, SELDEN, SHORTER or WOOD families I would very much like to hear from them.

Information on the photographers would also be of help. The website at
is a useful place to start, but not all photographers have been listed yet.

Contact can be made at:

info at reevesarchive dot org dot uk

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Eddie Lord
July 2005